Tuesday, June 9, 2015

L&D Thank You Gift Basket

Good Morning, it's my day over at Jaded Blossom to share my project with you.
I have a fun gift idea to share you today. I LOVE Pinterest, there are some great ideas on there. You can probably find anything and everything on there.
I was searching different types of baby things one day and came across an idea of making a thank you basket for the Labor and Delivery nurses for when I had the baby. This was our 4th and final baby for us and in the past the nurses have been great with us. So I had no doubt that this delivery would be fantastic like the others. The nurses are great and do so much for the patients.
As I was closing in on my due date I started preparing my basket. I wanted to make it cute so I added a ton of Jaded Blossom. I bought little snack packs of cashews and coco dusted almonds, little energy cookies, Mentos, teabags in different flavors, Lipton tea packs, Werther's candies, chap sticks and Raisinets.
Here's the finished product....

The Jaded Blossom products that I used were....
Whew, I think that was it. =) I had so much fun putting this together and the nurses LOVED it. I was so happy I got the idea to do it. I finished just in time.  We delivered a beautiful baby BOY on our due date!
Thanks for taking a look and I hope I have inspired you!


Melissa said...

WOW! I don't know how you had time to make all of these. Congratulations :)

Crafting on Caffeine said...

Wow omg this is fantastic! you did phenomenal job!

KC Garrett said...

I am so going to do this!! THANK YOU for sharing!!!

Sarrah bacel said...

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