Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Paris Theme Birthday Party

Good Morning, it's my day to share a project with you over at Jaded Blossom! So I decided to share a party that I created, with you.
My daughter just had her 8th birthday and she had a Paris theme. She loves Paris and is hoping to visit soon. I told her she better start saving now!
I really couldn't go too over board like I normally do. Just too much going on right now. But I was very happy with how it turned out.
She didn't want a big cake so we decided to just do cupcakes with cupcake toppers.
Her favorite candies are the chocolate kisses so we made simple favors using those and I let her pick one game and made cute prizes for the winners.
So here's what I made........

 Cupcake Toppers

Prizes for the cotton ball game
Favors for her party guests

I had so much fun creating her party for her. Of course she is a girly girl and wanted pink and black. I think it turned out perfectly and she said she had a wonderful time, the best birthday ever.
For the cupcake toppers I used the Eiffel Towers and they are from SVG Attic. The 8 is stamped out from the  Number Candies.
For the prize gifts I used the Gusset Bag and the Dainty Topper Die and the Big Winner sentiment is from Game Night . I added some basket filler to the bottom of the bag and then added the cute little prize. The girls had so much fun playing the game. We played twice so there were two winners.
Cotton Ball Game
What You need.......
2 Large bowls
1 Bag of Cotton Balls
Large Spoon
Blind Fold
How To Play
The child sits with the blind fold on and one bowl in there lap filled with all of the cotton balls. I pulled the cotton balls apart so they weren't so clumped together. Another child holds the empty bowl on top of the child playing, head.  Using the spoon, the blind folded child scoops the cotton balls onto the spoon and has to put them into the bowl on top of their head. Each child gets 3 scoops. The point of the game is to get the most cotton balls into the bowl on top of your head. It's a lot harder then it sounds and it is a lot of fun. The girls had a blast playing.
For the favors I used the Clear Purses and the Dainty Topper Die. I folded the clear handle on the purse down and taped it and then added my topper.  The Thanks For Celebrating With Us sentiment is from the Birthday Candies.
I hope you enjoyed my projects today and I have inspired your next party.


Melissa said...

Looks like a wonderful party! WOW!

Beth F. said...

Such fantastic party favors! I love seeing SVG Attic's designs in action. I invite you to share a picture of your cupcake toppers on the SVG Attic Facebook page or in the SVG Attic Fanatics Facebook group. Have a great day!

Crafting on Caffeine said...

Wonderful! I love all your party stuff! Turned out wonderful!

Lynnette said...

OMG!!! The towers are too much. These would have been perfect for my daughters prom. Thanks for sharing.

johan32 said...

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